Boundary and Right-of-Way problems and disputes / Land Registry Compliant Plans

A land owner can easily get concerned with the information shown on deed, conveyance and Land Registry plans. What is depicted on a map might not always correspond with what exists on the ground. Boundary features can change over the years and original boundary markers can be lost. A situation can easily escalate between adjoining landowners and it is recommended to seek advice at an early stage.

Boundary Consultancy provides:

  • Professional advice on Boundary and Right-of-Way disputes or problems
  • Site visits and full boundary surveys
  • Analysis of Paper-title (deeds) documents
  • Expert reports (compliant with the Civil Procedure Rules)
  • Expert Witness work
  • Land Registry Compliant Plans for Determined Boundaries , Boundary Agreements, Transfer Plans and First Registration

Measured Land & Building Surveys

Topographic surveys accurately detail existing features, including, trees, buildings, streets, fences, walls and utility services etc. ‚ÄčThe specifications can vary from an extremely detailed map of an area (expensive option) to a more basic map concentrating on key features (cheaper option).

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